The Murder Above the Law

Hello everyone, welcome back. Today’s post is more serious than usual. It is about something that I am very passionate about: abortion. I wrote this essay as an assignment in school. At first, I wanted to edit into a better format for my blog. Instead, I have decided to keep it formal and add an introduction instead.

You will notice that my case in the essay is to make abortion illegal. While that would be amazing, I realize that it is very unlikely. The media and government of today are far to liberal. And, making abortion illegal could cause women to get them black market/illegally, and cause even more deaths.

So, my hope in posting this is not necessarily to help abortion become illegalized, but for people to see my side. Why I think that it is wrong, and should be stopped. If you, for whatever reason, don’t agree with me, that is fine. Read or don’t read. But please don’t be hateful. And if the need arises, feel free to unsubscribe from Concerning Megan. Like I said, all that I ask is for people to hear me out, maybe have civilized conversations, but nothing more. I also have sources if anyone would like to see them. Thank you.


Abortion is one of the hottest, most highly debated topics in America today. Do women have a right to choose what they do with their own body? Or does everyone, even the unborn, have a right to live? Our government is trying to decide where the law lies on this issue to this day. Per the World Health Organization, 40 to 50 million abortions occur worldwide every year, ten thousand of which are in the United States. Any number of those 40 to 50 million lives could have changed the world. Abortion should be illegalized in the United States because it ends the life of an innocent child, tears apart a fully pain-capable body, can cause future medical complications for the mother, and should be unnecessary because of current medical advancements.

The first and most important reason for abortion to become illegal in the United States is that it ends the life of an innocent child. Although they don’t like to admit it, even someone who works at an abortion clinic can tell you that life begins at conception. Advocates of abortion like to believe that life does not begin until farther into pregnancy, or even until the child is born, but science proves them wrong. Some argue that if the child cannot survive outside of the womb, then they are not alive, just a part of the mother’s body. There are plenty of people who rely on things other than themselves to stay alive. Someone may be on life support, and would die without it, but they are still alive. There are also abortions that occur at an age that the fetus would be able to survive outside of the mother’s body. The law, at least some laws, regard an unborn child as alive as well. In fact, laws about murder are not the same in all situations regarding an unborn child. If someone murders a pregnant woman, they are accused of two murders: the mother and her child. But, if a mother decides to end her pregnancy, it is perfectly legal.

Second, abortion tears apart the body of a child who is fully capable of feeling pain. Studies show that a fetus begins to feel pain around twenty weeks of age. Others say as early as eight. Most of the abortions that happen in the United States happen at or past that point. Doctors will usually inject a substance called Digoxin into the baby’s heart, which kills the child by heart attack. The child is removed a few days later. This method claims to be painless, but anyone who has experienced a heart attack will say the exact opposite. In many situations, however, a different method is used. Aborted fetuses’ tissues are often used for stem cell research, but Digoxin poisons the tissues. So instead, the physician will use instruments such as forceps and embryotomy scissors to remove the baby’s limbs from its body and remove them from the mother’s body. These procedures are done past the point of pain-capability. The child can feel every bit of it. There were medieval torture methods that were very similar to this, but they were used on criminals, not innocent babies.

Abortion should also be made illegal out of concern for the mother. Abortion comes with the same health risks as any other surgery, as well as more. The risks vary depending on the type of abortion. All of them come with risks of infection. Late term abortions can tear uterine walls, as well as other organs. Bleeding can occur. Abortion also causes risks for future pregnancies. Losing, or killing, or child can make it more likely for the same to happen to a second. Mothers are more likely to experience bleeding during pregnancy, and have many other complications. Mothers who have had one abortion are also more likely to get another abortion. Most importantly, studies have shown that many more women die from abortions than childbirth, especially in the case of suicide, and their risk of cervical and other types of cancer increases.

Finally, abortion is unnecessary because of many contraception methods available. America is very technologically advanced. People are fully aware of how babies are made and how to prevent a pregnancy. They know the risks, and if they are willing to take them or not. Pro-choice advocates often argue about what to do if someone is raped. Rape and incest only account for one percent of abortions. Even in those cases, we have the technology to prevent a pregnancy from happening. Many people in a situation of rape turn to adoption. There are many women in the world are incapable of having children, and would gladly raise one instead of allowing the child to be killed. Another argument often seen is in regard for the mother or child’s health. Only three percent of abortions are done out of concern for the baby or mother’s health. Babies born with disabilities are just as happy as those without. And, in today’s world, with all of the medical advancements, it is very unlikely that a mother would die giving birth.

In conclusion, abortion is a deplorable procedure that rips a child from its mother’s body with no mercy. It ends the lives of millions of babies around the world every year. Infants do not need to die because of their parents’ irresponsibility. Abortion should be made illegal because it is unnecessary. Abortion should be made illegal because it is risky. Abortion should be made illegal because it is torture. And, abortion should be made illegal because it is murder.

Also feel free to check out Pamela R. Lee’s post here. She expresses these same ideas, probably much better than I do. I have mentioned her in a pervious post as well.

Again, thanks for reading. Until next time.


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