Glass jar/bottle diy’s

Hello! Today I want to show you all some mason jar/glass bottle diy’s. I love glass. It’s so pretty and I love being able to see what’s inside. I would have a house of glass if I could. So I love to use these in my room.

1. Money Jar

I keep my money in a larger glass jar. I like the look of it, and it gives me sort of an idea of how much money I have. I have a slit in the top of the jar so I can easily put cash in.

2. Coffee grounds

This one works just as well with full coffee beans. But the general idea is to put coffee in a jar, and smell it when you wake up. The smell is supposed to help you wake up easier. The lid on this one has the ring attatched.

3. Candy

If you have some candy lying around, mason jars are a great way to store it. It looks nice and keeps it sealed away from ants.

4. Pens

I’ve mentioned this one and the next one in a post before. Take a mason jar and only put a ring on it, not a lid, and fill it with multicolored pens. It’s functional and fashionable.

5. Flowers

For this one, faux flowers and glass go great together. I recommend filling the bottle with beads or something though, it’ll look better.

6. Seashells

This works with seashells, or pretty anything you want to display. For this one I used a more square-shaped jar and older lid.
You’re welcome to all of my glass lovers! Thanks for reading!


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