Some Simple Things to Make you Happier

Hello everyone! I’m back, for now. It’s been so long! I’m gonna have to give you guys some updates. 

Today I’m gonna talk about some simple ways to be a little happier. I’m a generally pretty happy person. Even when I am feeling sad, I can still laugh and smile through it. Here are a couple of things I do:

1. Acknowledge your reflection

If you look away from your reflection every time you walk past a mirror, you will begin to hate the way you look when you do look in the mirror. Looking at yourself in the mirror will make you more comfortable with how you look. And if you smile in the mirror too, every time you pass one even, you will end up smiling more often.

2. Treat yourself now and then

Get a bathbomb. Go get your nails done. Make a diy face mask. These small things are simple but so comforting.

3. Laugh more often

Even if the joke is stupid, laugh anyway. Then you are smiling, and laughing is good for you. One of my favorite quotes is “A day without laughter is a day wasted.”

4. Experiment with your look

This doesn’t have to be permanent. Wear a new color of lipstick or eyeliner. Wear your hair natural. Get the shoes you’ve been dying to get.

5. Pay attention to other people

Wallowing in self pity never gets you anywhere. And when you’re a happy person, your problems don’t seem quite as bad. You’ll stop focusing on your problems as much. And you’ll notice things about other people you didn’t notice before. People need people.
Go forth and be happy today! 


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