Playing Catch-up

Hey guys! Didn’t realize how long it’s been! I guess I got caught up in everything that’s been going on lately.

Thanksgiving was all right. Not terribly exciting. Then we entered that weird space in between fall and winter where it is still fall, but it feels like fall is over because thanksgiving is over. So I changed my blog to look wintery before it was officially winter because it was snowing…

The couple weeks of school in between thanksgiving and christmas break were pretty stressful. I had quite a few projects to complete, and I had to study for exams. We had some nice Christmas snacks as a class and watched a movie though, which helped.

Now I am on break again. It’s a nice break from school, and I am catching up on sleep, but I miss people. And I wish it was colder. 

Chiana and I are hoping to go ice skating this week. We will post about it if we do.

So, about the blog, I know I have a daily schedule, and I like it, but I can’t keep up with it. So, on the weeks when I have more time, I will post more than once a week, but on most weeks, I will post on Mondays. That will be my main posting day. I will be able to keep up with the schedule better and feel more satisfied with how often I post.

I’ve got a bunch of posts planned out for the next two weeks. I’m excited! Thanks for reading!


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