Sorry Sorry So Much to Say

So I’ve been gone. Again. Whoops. I could make plenty of excuses about how school started and how busy I’ve been, but I’ll spare you.
The truth is, I forgot.
Yup. I thought about the blog every so often, but I would forget to post. I haven’t even been that busy. Let me go over what I’ve been doing though.

School started August 15. It hasn’t been too hard or time consuming so far. But I also play volleyball, and that takes up time. And, I got sick a couple days ago so I’ve been even more tired than usual.
But there was something a little exciting about this year.
First, let me give you some back story.

So, I like most music, except for country. I liek Christian music, and most pop. But when it comes to secular music, there are a few bands in particular that I’ve been preferring lately. Fall Out Boy, Twenty One Pilots, Panic! at the Disco, and some My Chemical Romance.
Anyway, there are a couple new students in my class. And guess what music some like. Yup, the same as me! That was pretty exciting.
As for the rest of my life, it’s been pretty much the same. I’m at the same school, so that isn’t much different. I’ve just had to adjust my schedule from summer.

I hope to write some school-related posts soon! And fall, which may be my favorite season, is coming too! If it’s anything like last year, I’ll have a good amount of things to post for fall.
See you soon!


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