Hey guys! Wassup? Happy fourth of July!! May today be a great start to your week.
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One thing that I have been doing frequently this summer is playing my ukulele, which is pictured above. You ban buy it here. It is made by Luna. Luna has a ton of cool uke’s and guitars all with great quality. I highly recommend any of their products. I know a couple other people with Lunas who love then as well. But if you are just starting, get a beginner (cheap) one to try it out first. Then once you get a grip on how you feel, go for a more expensive one.

Anyway, today I’m going to be talking about all things ukulele. I really love this instrument and it is one of the things in most passionate about.

First if all, let me cover the basics. The ukulele has four strings. It comes in four different sizes. Smallest to largest: soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone. They all have the same tuning except for baritone. Mine is a concert and I think it’s the perfect size with perfect sound.

I don’t want to really go into depth with chords and teaching and stuff. But I know some websites with awesome teaching. Go to for step-by-step videos on how to play songs. If you learn better by reading like me, websites like are great. has an awesome poster with chord charts for every single chord possible. Over 100. And if you get a ukulele starter pack, it will come with instructions.

The ukulele was a very fun and easy instrument to learn. I never took lessons, and I am “fluent” at it now. I don’t believe lessons are necessary. You can pick up chords as you learn songs. And it’s more fun when you can go at your own pace.

In fact, when I was first starting, i made my own booklet with an index card binder. I made flashcards. I put the name of the chord on one side and the diagram on the other. This really helped me a lot. I put all of the main chords used in most songs.

As far as what songs to learn, it really doesn’t matter. You can play pretty much any song on the ukulele. I mean, heavy metal would be weird, but that’s about it. If you want to try a song, go for it!

Now, I wouldn’t recommend learning ukulele if your aren’t big on singing. You have to be VERY good to be able to get away with playing songs and not singing along. Song people can fingerpick the melody, but that takes a lot of practice. It’s hard. But you can always have someone else sing.

I feel like I’ve covered a good amount of beginner ukulele material for those of you maybe thinking about picking one up.

Now I want to talk about the influence the uke has had in my life.

The ukulele was a very impulsive instrument for me. I saw someone playing one and decided I wanted to as well. So within the week, I got a $40 ukulele starter kit from Guitar Center. Then I worked on chords all the time. My incentive to memorize chords and learn them was a new uke. Once I knew the instrument well enough, I ordered my luna. Maybe six months later. Like I mentioned before, I took zero lessons and I am now pretty good. I’m so glad I took that jump and bought a uke.

I know if you do, you’ll love yours too.


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