Just a Moment of your Time, S’il vous plaît!

I have just a couple things I want to go over before the weekend. K?
1. This year’s flag tee. Last year I just made a tie-dye shirt. This year I went with my dad and brother to the store and we bought matching tees for the whole family. 

2016 Flag Tee

The shirts are from Walmart and are sold in men’s, women’s, girl’s, and boy’s sizes. Don’t worry, the ones for the guys don’t have sparkles.
2. My first day of “camp.” 

As of right now, I have 9,449 words, because I had already re-writing a few chapters beforehand. It tells me that if I rote 696 words a day, I’ll finish on time. That’s not so bad. But I have a feeling I’ll write more while we’re driving to Kentucky.

This is what I use to write with. And yes, I blurred the screen so no one could snoop.
That’s all for today folks! Like I said, just a moment of your time. Merci d’avior lu!


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