Life Updates & Astrid Hofferson Braid

Hey guys! Today I’m gonna be talking about a few things. First I want to give you a few updates about what’s been going on in my life.

This week is my second week of summer break. It feels like my third though. Like I mentioned in my last post, during my last week of school, (30th-5th) I was at the Scripture Memory Fellowship Camp in Ringgold, LA. It was really awesome, like always.

Then this weekend, (10th-13th) I was in Chicago for a Quiz Bowl competition. I mentioned this a few months ago when we were asking for donations. We didn’t go on to the finals, but it was fun and Chicago was a cool city.

I’m going to be at home for the next three weeks or so. In realy July, my family is going to Kentucky for the grand opening of Answers In Genesis’s Ark Encounter.

So since I’ll be home, I hope I’ll remember to post more frequently.

So for today, I’ll be showing you how I did Astrid Hofferson’s braid from How to Train Your Dragon 2. This braid was requested by my friend over at I’ll try to talk about what I did, but it’s a lot to write. You can see a video here. I did it a little differently at the top, and the smaller braid sort of came undone because I didn’t have an elastic at the bottom, but here’s my version:




For the smaller braid, I did a few stitches of a fishtail braid, then took another section and tied the braid and the section together in a knot. I did that the whole way down. Then when you get to the main braid, do a normal braid, but every couple of stitches, wrap the strand around the braid. Let the bangs hang out and put a headband on. Tada!

Thanks for reading guys! I really hope to post more often this summer.


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