5 Reasons why Long Shorts are Better than Short Shorts


Hello lovelies! Happy Tuesday! I have come here today to share my opinion on shorts length. But aside from simple opinion, I have a few facts to back me up.

Shorts lengths are all over the place. They range from covering half the knee to barely covering the butt. Styles abound too. Printed, cut-off, zippered, and many more options can be found at your local clothing store. And obviously, some styles are more attractive or comfortable than others.

Like I said before, I will be focusing on length today. Long? Short? In the middle? Which should you choose?

I personally think the perfect length is two to three inches above the knee. Then the back of the shorts won’t cut into the crook of your knee, but you also aren’t showing too much skin. And no shorter than midis. So really, I think the inseam should be somewhere between six and nine inches.

Now that I’ve put out my opinion on how long the shorts would be, here’s a few reasons why long shorts are better.

1. Your Thighs Don’t Stick to Metal Chairs.
If you’ve ever worn even relatively short shorts, you know that your legs easily stick to metal, and even plastic chairs. And let me tell you, it isn’t fun. The uncomfortableness, the sweat, and having to physically peel your legs off of the chair kind of ruins the short short experience. Or sitting on chairs, depending on how you look at it. And if the chair is painted and old, you might get flakes of paint on the backs of your thighs!

2. You Don’t Have to Shave as High on Your Legs.
Shaving can be a pain. Anyone who wasn’t blessed with naturally hairless legs knows this. And if you’re wearing short shorts, you have to take extra time to shave your ENTIRE thigh instead of just halfway or two-thirds of the way up. It can cut some time off of your shower routine and save shaving cream and water.

3. No Gaping.
What I mean, is no gaping in the leg holes. If you’re gaping with short shorts, be careful, because people will have a view. Not so much with longer shorts. You won’t have people peeping to see up those little shorts.

4. Cuffing is Easier.
When wearing long shorts, you can cuff the bottom hem and still have plenty of length to spare. If your shorts hit right below your butt cheek, there’s no room for that. You might not want to roll up the bottom of your shorts, but it’s a fun way to change; up the look, and certain styles look better that way.

5. It’s Modest and Pleasing to the LORD.
Most importantly, wearing longer shorts is modest and pleasing to God. The Bible says in Leviticus that your thighs are your “nakedness.” So showing too much of them off isn’t a great idea. And in 1 Peter, Peter says that we should be more focused on inward beauty than outward beauty. That doesn’t mean you should wear ugly clothes, though. It’s great to be stylish! But you can be stylish and modest at the same time. Peter’s point is that you shouldn’t be so focused on meeting the world’s standards that you compromise your own. And don’t try to tell me that you can’t get stylish/attractive but also long shorts. Because you can! I OWN them!

I hope you all enjoyed reading how I feel about shorts. Summertime is approaching and people are getting new shorts, so now is the perfect time to be considering you modesty standards.

I also want to remind you all to please, PLEASE, pLeAsE ask me questions for my Q&A. I only have five questions and I would like to have more. Hop on over to my Q&A post, or comment questions on here before it’s too late!

Thanks for reading! Bye!



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