Do you like getting compliments? I know I do. I try to give people compliments as often as I can. When I think someone’s outfit looks nice, I tell them. When someone did a good job on a school project, I tell them. Compliments really encourage people. I encourage you to give compliments whenever you can. It can really make someone’s day. Spread God’s love through compliments.

Some compliments for some of my friends:
To Neo: You have pretty eyes(even though I haven’t seen a pic of you in a year and a half)! I love your conversation.
To CAT: Your bangs are the bang bang baggediest bangs in the bang bangeddy bing bong world. And you make a great pillow. I’m glad you’re my friend.
To Cadi: You’re such a nice person to be around. I love talking to you. You’re a great encourager.
To all of my FOLLOWERS!!: thanks for supporting my blog. Even if you don’t read all of my posts, thanks for just  hitting the follow button and making me feel appreciated. I’ll be getting to fifty followers soon. I’m glad you all have been here along my journey.


Now it’s your turn. Go compliment people. And I’ll turn my phone on silent for an hour and see what y’all have to say about Concerning Megan!

Thanks to everyone who took a minute to read this post. And make sure to check out Tuesday’s post where I announced a Q&A!

See you soon!




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2 responses to “Compliments

  1. catrabal

    Lol you reminded me of when we have free time in Bible class 😂

    Liked by 2 people

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