10 Goals a Magnificent Leader Should Have

Hello lovely readers! I am here today with a guest post from Through the Eyes of a Dragon. Her blog is great and you REALLY need to check it out!! Here’s the post:

First of all, I would just like to thank Megan for allowing me to do a guest post! Thanks! 😀

My parents say that I’m a good leader. When I stopped to ask myself what that really meant, I came up with some quality traits that a magnificent leader should have and why I think they should have them. Coming from a very business-like family where my dad is the CEO,  this might seem like I’m telling you what the perfect CEO will look like. Well, in a way I am. A CEO is a leader, too. So, what are the traits that a magnificent leader should have?


1. A magnificent leader should be honest and transparent. 
There are so many big corporation bosses out there who will lie and say that everything is going completely and totally fine when in reality everything is blowing up in the CEO’s face. A leader needs to be transparent and honest in whatever he or she does. That means they need to own up to their mistakes. Now, this doesn’t mean that they should be on a speakerphone walking around the office and projecting all of the bad things that they’ve done. They should be ready to admit that they were wrong. This will build trust within the corporation – knowing that the leader is fallible and ready to admit their mistakes. It will also make the leader much more likeable. Honesty plays into this because they have to be honest about their mistakes, what’s going on in the corporation, and other items.

2. A magnificent leader should have listening capabilities. 
It’s incredibly important to have a leader who will listen to you. That leader won’t pretend to listen, no they’ll actually listen to you. They’ll take in your ideas, maybe not always use them, and let you know later. They’ll also hear your complaints and try and fix the problem.

3. A magnificent leader should be inspirational. 
By inspirational, I don’t mean quotes will be put on edits and aesthetics (but that would be nice), I mean the leader should inspire others to do something. The leader should make people want to get up and do things that they aren’t usually used to doing, want to do, or have even thought about doing! A leader will inspire the people they’re leading to do things they normally don’t.

4. A magnificent leader should be respectful. 
By respectful, I mean that, yes, the leader should be respected, but the leader should also respect those that he’s leading. As I’ve said before, a leader should be someone liked, and if liked, respected. Most of the time, if you want someone to do something to you, you have to do the same to them. If a leader desires respect, they’ll be respectful.

5. A magnificent leader should be a servant. 
In order to become a fantastic leader, you first must know how to become a servant. A leader shouldn’t become a leader for his or her own gain, but to serve the people. When a leader is a servant to the people, the people will most likely listen to them more and learn from what they say.

6. A magnificent leader should be humble. 
It’s important when anyone is in a high position not to get too proud. When someone gets too proud, they start messing up. Easy things become hard, people start to doubt the abilities of the leader, and pretty soon, the leader will fail at his or her job. Now this doesn’t happen all of the time, just most of the time from what I’ve observed.

7. A magnificent leader should be merciful. 
Being merciful doesn’t only mean giving many chances. It can mean knowing when someone is not doing a good job at one place, and asking them if there was another option that would work better for them.

8. A magnificent leader should have compassion. 
To have compassion is to be sympathetic with people who have hard or troubling times – it’s a lot like empathy (the ability to understand and share the feelings of another). This is important because when someone feels like a leader knows what they’re going through, what they feel like, and possibly how to help them, they’ll possibly feel safer and probably more secure.  

9. A magnificent leader should know when to listen and take advice. 
Everyone needs help and advice from people. Most of the time, people think that their idea is the best idea there is and will disregard the flaws in the design. Leaders need other people to look at their ideas and help them sort it out. Sometimes these people are called Betas. Authors use these people to read the book and point out flaws in the storyline (betas are also recognized by their other name: editors).

10.  A magnificent leader will lead by being a good example.
One time I had an Awana teacher tell my group a story about a special club of toothbrushes. Everyone in that club had to have a blue toothbrush – it was in the rules. The man who started the club, though, had a green toothbrush. When there’s someone as a figurehead, people will probably follow that person by example. This is why it’s very important to lead by example. Chances are that people will follow your example.

So yeah, this was my list of 10 goals that I think a great and magnificent leader should have. Thanks again, Megan, for the opportunity to guest post!



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