Valentine’s Day

saint-valentines-day-candy1Hello my lovely followers! It’s been a while (I should say that at the beginning of all of my posts. “Hi! It’s been a while…”). Anyway…


I know Valentine’s day isn’t until Sunday, but we celebrated today at my school. It’s always a cute day, nothing too serious. My school does something called Candy Grams. You spend $.50 to $1.00 to buy someone a Candy Gram, a little card with a piece of candy. It’s always a big deal to see who gave you a candy gram; if you even got any in the first place.


There are people like me who will get a couple from family or a friend. But some people will get twelve. I try not to get jealous and focus on who loves ME, which is honestly quite fine. Chances are, I might have gotten one for that oh-so-popular person. The ones who get a lot are usually the ones everyone loves.


Do you have any Valentine’s traditions? My family always gives each other cards. And we have Candy Grams at school.


I like being able to express love for people on Valentine’s Day. But it’s good to do that on every day of the year. God wants us to love everyone. That’s not easy. We can get mad at people, jealous, maybe even heartbroken. But just because you don’t like someone doesn’t mean you can’t love them. Everyone needs a little love and kindness. Just a smile can make someone’s day.


For example, I got a Valentine from an anonymous giver. A teacher came to me, handed me a valentine, and said “Someone told me to give this to you. I don’t know why, just hold on to it.”

That’s just what I did. I opened the Valentine and it said: “To random, I hope this makes your day.”

Isn’t that kind? Someone would go out of their way to do something nice for someone they might not even know. They just wanted to make someone feel loved and happy. And That’s what they did.


I got another Valentine from my sister’s friend. It says:

“To: Megan

Happy Valentines Day!

Thank you for being my friend. I look up to being like you when I am older!

Have a blessed year!”

I hardly know this girl. But when I see her. I smile and say “Hi.” It’s such a simple thing, yet it makes such a difference. This girl looks up to me for it. So be mindful of what you’re doing; you never know who’s watching.


Take a little extra time this year to spread God’s love. It could change a life. You never know what’s going on in someone’s head and a little encouragement could turn them around. Maybe all you need to do is ride your bike around your neighborhood and throw Hershey’s Kisses at the doorsteps. But whatever it is, make sure people know they’re loved.


That leads them to Christ.




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