CHRISTmas Starts with Christ.


Remember Thoughtful Thursdays? I’m doing a Christmas themed one today.

Christmas is an interesting holiday. I mean, we put up all of these crazy decorations, and give each other presents for no reason. Well, no reason if you aren’t a Christian.

Us Christians give each other gifts to celebrate Jesus, the first gift. And because it is his birthday, and gifts are generally given on birthdays. But unlike some people, gifts are not our main reason for Christmas. Gifts weren’t even part of Christmas at the beginning. That pretty much came about with Saint Nicolas, but we won’t talk about him just yet.

Back to our real reason for Christmas. It really does start with Christ. His name is even in the word. You don’t think that’s a coincidence, do you? We celebrate Christmas because it was the coming of our Savior who died to save our sins. There is really no purpose in celebrating without Christ. Then we would just be randomly giving each other gifts. What’s the point in that?

I know the tradition of Santa is fun, but it really is just nonsense. And why Christmas? Why doesn’t he come on a different day? He happens to come and give gifts on the same day that Christians are giving gifts for an entirely differently reason. Aside from his Saint Nick roots, Santa is really a replacement for the real reason for the season.

All that aside, just think about the wonder of CHRISTmas for a minute. Don’t you think its crazy that an almighty God would come down to save us humans? He even died! If you were a god, would you give up your immortality to save those not nearly as important as you? Exactly. I didn’t think so.

That’s why peace, love, and joy are so important for Christmas. Love is for how much God loves us that he would send his only son to save the world. Joy is for the joy we can receive when we accept Jesus, and peace comes with that too.

Let’s all be extra thankful for God’s love this Christmas. Without him, we would have no chance at redemption.



Day 24 of the leading challenge. What is a book I wish more people would have read. I feel that way about a lot of books. I know a lot of people have read them, but a lot more should.
Let’s see:
Storm Siren.
• Basically everything by Bryan Davis.
The list goes ever on.

But Anywho, Merry Christmas Eve!



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