Happy Christmas Adam!

Have your heard the term “Christmas Adam?” The day before Christmas is called Christmas Eve, so the day before that is Christmas Adam, since God made Adam before Eve.

Don’t judge. This was not my idea. Anyway…

I have a couple pictures to share.


This is a shirt I found on Redbubble.com. Anyone who has read House of Hades will get this. I got a little choked up when I saw it. 😥


This one cracked me up. I felt bad for Miss Colombia, but this was really funny. For potterheads at least. And look at Harry’s face!


This photo is true to my opinion on abortion and gives me yet another reason to love Ronald Reagan. I won’t go into detail on my pro-life opinion today, but I may in the future.


Here’s something from twitter that also cracked me up.


Here is a lovely christmas drawing of The Seven, Calypso, Reyna, and Nico. So basically everyone we love.


And this should be the last one for now, except for…


…this adorable picture of my baby under the Christmas tree.


So now I have another daily Challenge to answer. My guilty pleasure. This one is easy. So, it makes me happy when the member of the love triangle I don’t like disappears off the face of the earth. They can die, or get kicked out (go Katniss! You tell that Gale!), WHATEVER. I don’t care what happens to the other guy as long as the love triangle turns out the way I want it to. And luckily, it usually does.

Well, I’m getting ready for another boring day at school.



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