Only Three More Days Until CHRISTmas Break!

So, who here is in school? And how many of you have started Midterms? Mine start today, but I’m exept from the first one. Yay! So I get to chill for a while.

But I’m cold. I’m wearing shorts and these are the only shoes I have with me:


So, yeah. But no matter. I need to answer my daily book challenge.


Favorite female character. This is SO hard. I have read too many books to know. But for now I think I’ll say Claire from Son by Lois Lowry. Claire is so brave and determined. She stops at nothing to find her son. We need to know that kind of love, show it more often.

Well, hopefully your day is more fun than mine. At least I’m going to a white elephant party tonight. And as I am finally getting around to finishing this, I have completed my first day of exams!



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