Aaaaand…. I Skipped Two Days

Oops. I forgot to post yesterday. But, I do have an excuse. Sunday was busy. But I don’t really know what happened yesterday.

But, now I get to answer three questions in one day! That should be interesting.


Day 13: My favorite writer. This one is easy. Bryan Davis hands down.


Day 14: Book from your favorite author. I’ll have to go with I Know Why the Angels Dance. That book was really good. But it was also sad. You have been warned.


Day 15: Favorite male character. I’m gonna say Leo Valdez from Heroes of Olympus for this one. I love Leo. I could rave about him all day. He is definitely my favorite.


So, do y’all agree with me? Anyone here in team Leo?… Enjoy your Tuesday. Go read Bryan Davis books. And go love Leo Valdez.



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