The Real Walking Dead


AMC has been airing The Walking Dead for quite some time. I have never actually seen it, but I have heard much about it. This show has its fare share of thrills, as well as problematic elements. But, that’s not the main point of this message.

Among all of its craziness and fictional plotline, The Walking Dead has some truth to it. The Walking Dead are real, and they are everywhere. But they aren’t what you think.

Seriously, this is worse than “The Flare (I had to appease the Maze Runner Fans).” This is spreading everywhere, and it makes me extremely sad.

So who are the walking dead? Well, the Bible tells us that anyone who isn’t saved is spiritually dead. So, the walking dead are unbelievers.

You probably know at least one of the walking dead. Maybe many. Maybe you are one. Do something to change that.

I know some people try to put it off and say they will do it later, but the end will eventually come and it will be too late. You really need to ask yourself the question: “If I die tonight, will I go to heaven?”

I hope your answer is yes, but I know it isn’t for many. Again, do something to change that. Hell is a horrible place that no one should go to, but if you don’t accept Jesus you will have to.

Getting saved is so easy, it saddens me when people won’t sit down for five minutes and seal their fate. All you have to do is believe in God as the real God and confess that you’re a sinner and Jesus dies for you.

So easy! You still have to walk with God after that, but basically nothing can keep you out of heaven, especially once you’re saved.

Please don’t be one of the walking dead. They are taking over and we need to stop them.

Thanks for reading! Make sure to comment with any questions/comments you many have, and offer suggestions for future Thoughtful Thursdays.



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