Dear Future Husband

We all dream of a wonderful someday. Almost every girl dreams of a “fairytale wedding” at some point in her life. Everyone wants to love and be loved. We crave intimacy.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with dreaming. We do have to be careful, though. If we aren’t, we may start dreaming way too often. This will make us impatient, and we really should be focusing mainly on other things.

I encourage those who are overwhelmed with the fact that they have “no one to love” to pray. In reality, Jesus should be your first love, for His love will never fade away. If you truly hold Him in your heart, waiting for the right person will be easy.

Of course, in today’s world, we are encouraged to find the right person instead of waiting for God’s timing. And in the end, if that person turns out to be the wrong one, we can just leave them and find someone else.

This view is exactly the opposite of God’s plan. He designed marriage to be between one man and one woman forever. Period. No leaving each other over disagreements. The husband and wife stick together to the end.

Isn’t that what you want your marriage to look like? Don’t you want to have such a wonderful love that it lasts forever? I know I do.

One way to make this happen is to become the right person. We need to grow in God and sow the seeds of goodness if we want to have a truly wonderful someday.
If we want to have a lasting marriage with attributes like trust, commitment, intimacy, love, and submission, we must prepare ourselves now by acting the right way. We should be truthful, able to surrender, pure, love Christ, and selfless. If both partners sow and reap qualities like these, the marriage will be a wonderful one.

“I’m sowing the right seeds,” you may say, “but how can I know that my future spouse is too?”

Again, the answer is to pray. Pray for your future husband/wife with all your might. Some people even like to write letters to their future spouse. This is where the “dear future husband” part of the post comes in.

Writing letters to your future spouse is a good way to get out some of the crazy feelings you may have for the person. This also will be very special for your spouse to read when the time comes. Wouldn’t it feel wonderful to know that your future spouse was thinking of you years before you met?

When writing these letters though, we should be writing about the right things. We should be mentioning things like how we can’t wait to meet them, or how much we love them. Not superficial things like who will do the cooking and which side of the bed you’ll be sleeping on. It’s fine to be funny, but we also want to come across as kind and loving instead of a snotty brat who needs everything her way.

In the song “Dear Future Husband” by Meghan Trainor, she talks about how she wants her husband to act. That he should do all of these nice things to her and then maybe she would repay him. “If you do… Then I’ll do…” It is true that our spouse should treat us the best that they can, but we shouldn’t hold back our love when they don’t.

If you want to see a beautifully crafted letter to a woman’s future husband, look here.

In Independence Day, an ex husband and wife are discussing why they ever had a divorce. The wife talks about her job opportunity that her husband would have gotten in the way of and asks, “Haven’t you ever wanted to be a part of something special?” Her ex husband looks at her and replies, “I was part of something special.” Divorce ruins people’s lives. It has been said that a parent’s divorce is harder on a child than death.

The bond of marriage is something very special. It is not to be broken or taken for granted. If you want to have a wonderful someday, start preparing now. Sow the seeds. Place Jesus as your first love. And once God shows you the right person, and once you are married, never EVER leave them.


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