Causes I Believe In

There are things happening in the world all of the time, and not all of them are good. Some of these are natural, and some are quite the opposite. I’ve never really talked much about causes I believe in/feel for, so today I will.

1.) I am VERY against the breeding of white tigers. It is a cruel practice that does no good to the world. People may think they are beautiful. The tigers might bring in money for breeders and keepers, but money shouldn’t matter in situations like this one. These tigers are not natural, and their lives are filled with excruciating pain. This is just a part of it. You can read more here.

2.) After reading I Know Why the Angels Dance by Bryan Davis, I have become relatively sympathetic for anyone with any sort of association with Encephalitis. If I can be a wreck after a fictional character I barely knew died, then it must be much worse for people whose loved ones have been stolen by this horrifying disease. Seeing someone suffer so much is difficult for anyone. And its all because of a tiny little mosquito. One of the many societies dedicated to researching Encephalitis is The Encephalitis Society.

3.) I also believe in Christians going out to evangelize to others. They can do that in many different ways. For some it’s writing books or music. Other people are best at teaching. Find your strong point and use it to point others to Jesus today.



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