Poor Girl, Rich Talent Sneak Peek #2

Before I start, I wanted to share a picture of a gorgeous rainbow loom bracelet my sister made me.


The little roses remind me of Belle!

Anyway, on to the sneak peek.

If you haven’t read Sneak Peek #1, you can find it here. For those of you who have read it, feel free to refresh yourself. Sneak Peek #1 was an excerpt from chapter one, and this sneak peek is from chapter five.

“Good morning students,” He said to us all. “As you all know, today is project presentation day. We will start with experiments and inventions, then move on to research, and finish with art.” Mr. Chew checked his lesson plans. “First up we have David Sameelio: invention.”

A tall young man with dark hair stood up, grabbed a pair of tennis shoes, and walked to the front of the room. Waiting for him on a table were a glass terrarium full of water, a cooler full of dry ice, and a metal bucket full of flaming logs.

“Hello first period seventh grade class,” He began. “My name is David Sameelio, and today I will be presenting my new invention to you – utility shoes. These shoes can adapt to anything. They will grow with the wearer’s feet, change to match your outfit, will never wear out, and adapt to suit the climate in which they are.”

Oos and ahs filled the classroom. David then took the lid off of the glass terrarium. “When I place the shoes in the water…” He nodded toward the shoes that were now completely submerged in water. The moment the ordinary-looking shoes were soaked, they transformed into scuba flippers.

Everyone stared at David with their jaws practically touching the floor. One student blurted out: “Oh, Mama! I have got to get me some o’ these!” Chuckles filled the classroom. David just laughed it off and continued his presentation. He placed the lid back on the terrarium, and then turned to the cooler of dry ice. After taking off the lid, he places the shoes inside. A hush fell over the room as we waited for the results. The shoes immediately began to morph into a pair of fur-lined snow boots.

The class was already very pleased, but we couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. He moved the shoes into the third and final container: the metal bucket of flaming logs. David then tipped the bucket so we could see inside of it. A gasp filled the room, for the shoes had transformed once again. This time, the shoes had become thick rubber boots with even thicker rubber soles.

“Now,” David said, “I would like a volunteer.” Several hands shot up, but David chose a girl seated near the front, Suzie Meyers. The short redhead stood up and skipped over to David. “Please remove your shoes,” David instructed. After Suzie had taken off her expensive faux-suede boots, David told her what to do next. “Put on the utility shoes, and let them adapt to your outfit. Suzie obeyed, and the shoes soon transformed into a pair of hot pink ballet flats with a flower charm at each toe.

Applause filled the classroom, and David took a seat. ” Thank you Mr. Sameelio,” Mr. Chew said. “Next up we have…”

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5 responses to “Poor Girl, Rich Talent Sneak Peek #2

  1. Cool stuff, girl! One little typo I caught: “The class was already very pleased, but *we* couldn’t wait to see….” First person/third person POV, as I’m sure you know. 😉 Keep writing!

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  2. Oh, also, I love that bracelet! Your sister is just about the craftiest person on the planet. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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