Corban’s Fifth Birthday

On Friday, May first, my little brother Corban turned five. I have never mentioned Corban on this blog before, so I will give a little background.

I am the oldest of three children, and I was born in 2001. My younger sister (name removed) was born in 2004. The youngest of the bunch, Corban, was born in 2010. He is our little five-year-old buddy.

Anyway, back to the birthday. His birthday was on a Friday, so we celebrated yesterday. Corban has really been into PAW Patrol lately, so we themed his party around the show.



We got PAW Patrol themed balloons and ceiling decorations from Party City.


The tablecloth and goody bags also came from Party City.


I personally think the food was the best part. We had themed plates and napkins and plenty of snacks.


We put some of these snacks in dog bowls. We had Double Chocolate Krave labelled as kibble, diced watermelon as meat, and dog bone shaped cookies for treats.


My dad made two cakes shaped as paw prints. One said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY CORBAN” and the other said “PAW PATROL.”

Over all it was a fun party and not nearly as chaotic as I thought it would be. Corban invited a few friends from church and one neighbor, so the party wasn’t too overwhelming. I’m glad we were able to make the day special for Corban.



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