My Favorite Christian Influences

I decided to go a little off topic today and talk about some of my favorite Christian influences. I have discovered a few Christian sites and such over the last few months, and now that I know about them, I’m not sure how I lived without them before I found them.


My first influence is a band called LoveCollide. This band consists of two sisters named Lauren and Brooke Deleary. These girls live in Nashville, but their music is far from the country genre. It is very uplifting and really speaks to many people.


The next one is a blog called little faith blog. This blog is awesome! It has lots of little devotions, and is a good place to grow with God.


I even made my own little faith book! (my grandmother made this notebook, I only put the tabs in)


The next influence is books. Some books are good, and some are bad, but I like to stay on the good side of the wall. One of the most influential authors I have read is Bryan Davis, as you probably know. His books have changed me inside and out. I also enjoyed the booms by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and hope to read their daughters’ book as well. I also look forward to reading Sadie Robertson’s book.

I also have a lot of spiritual teaching coming in from school and church, too. My youth pastor and my Bible teacher are both amazing! Most of all, I look for spiritual guidance from God’s word. Although there are many sources from which to learn about God, it is important to form your own opinions about things and stop leaning on the opinions of others. The words of man are not always true, but the Bible does not have a single false word. Remember to conduct amole research when someone says something fishy about the Word.



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