Let’s Think About Catastrophe This Thursday

OK, I don’t think that the earth is going to explode anytime soon, but that isn’t the type of catastrophe we’re discussing today. We are talking about real-life scenarios. For example:

Tomorrow I am performing a humorous monologue for a competition. It is based on the picture book My Brother Dan’s Delicious.


This is a very cute and funny story that is enjoyable for all ages. Great job Steven L. Layne!

Anyway, just two days before I was supposed to perform (one now), my throat became sore.


I can still talk, but it hurts. The more I talk, the more it hurts. You can see that I am in a bit of a predicament.

Although this isn’t a huge catastrophe is still annoying. How is God using this? At the moment, I don’t know. But somehow he is and eventually it will shine through.

Maybe my voice sounds more like an eight-year-old (I’m not crazy. The narrator of my script is eight.) when I am sick. Maybe I will get better before tomorrow and sound better than before. I don’t know. I’ll just have to wait and see.

Most people don’t like waiting. They want everything right away. No exceptions. Teenagers and even children these days think that they are entitled to whatever they want whenever they want it, which is not true. Nobody is entitled to anything. We are not entitled to the newest iPhone. We are not entitled to go shopping whenever we please. We are not entitled to wear some of the things people just “have to wear to fit in” these days.

Most importantly, we are not entitled to God’s love. But in the midst of our ludicrous, lustful, and lying behavior, He gave it to us anyway. Free of charge. And he has to send his son to suffer and die to pay the initial price for us. He paid the ransom for our deeds.

If you have lost a loved one, you know how God must have felt as his son’s lifeless body, covered in our sins, hung limply on the cross. Some people laughed, some cried. The who performed many miracles and was followed by many was gone. He was just a man. And so their hope left with him.

But three days later, some women in a time when women were dishonored went to visit the tomb. They planned to put spices on Jesus’ body, but ended up doing far from that. What they saw came as quite a shock. The tomb was empty! An angel who sat on the stone which was rolled away told them what had happened. Can you imagine? But no one was likely to believe them because of their gender. The women decided to try to tell other people. They went to the disciples.

The death of Jesus may have seemed like a huge catastrophe at the time, but he rose from the dead. His sacrifice of love gave us a foundation to put our trust. Jesus died for us all. He is of the utmost honor. He saved the world.

Who knows, maybe my voice will “raise from the dead” too! 🙂



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