Thoughts on Easter


That they are. That they are.

I just want everyone to take a step back for a moment and think about how crazy easter really is. I mean, Jesus must have loved everyone, even though they weren’t very kind to him, a heck of a lot to put down his very life for us in one of the most torturous ways possible. Would you do that for someone? Would you send your only child do do that for someone? Such is the unfailing love of Christ.

There is a song called “How Many Kings” that puts these thoughts into words very well. This song is saying that out of all the important people in the world – all of the lords, kings, and even “gods” – no one did what God and Jesus did. No one gave up their son for all of humankind. No one purposefully acquiesced to be crucified to save our lives. Jesus, a perfect man, took on all the sins in the world so that we would bear them no more. Aren’t you grateful for that?

Jesus didn’t simply stay dead after that. After staying in the tomb for three (one of the numbers of God) days, he came back to life. No one has the power to do that but God. Isn’t it amazing that someone would do that for us? God wants us to be with him so badly that he was willing to give up his own son for us to see it.

Why don’t you think on that today?



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