White Tiger Breeding

white tiger

Many people enjoy the pristine beauty of white tigers.  Although they are beautiful, white tigers also have many flaws.  Contrary to common belief, the gorgeous white coat of these cats is not a natural mutation, and they are not albino.  It is actually the product of aggressive captive inbreeding, which is the breeding of brother to sister or father to daughter.  Tigers have suffered greatly because of this inbreeding.  The saying “Beauty has a price,” can be very true.  The breeding of white tigers is deplorable because it has unethical motives, causes the animals to have physical faults, and even results in the deaths of many of these cats.

White tiger breeding has unethical motives behind it.  Many people think that it has conservational value, because the animals are “protected” in a zoo, when it really has none.  Because of the fact that white tigers are not natural, breeding only creates more of these miserable creatures.  The breeders know this, but they do not appear to care.  They contribute to the white tiger population because zoos, circuses, and magic shows pay highly for the animals and they are loved by onlookers.  People also think that there is nothing wrong with white tiger breeding because they are only animals. It is true that they do not have souls, but they still feel pain. They are living, breathing creatures that deserve respect.

White tigers are also often born with several physical faults because of the aggressive inbreeding that is used to produce them. When recessive genes are paired, defects become more common.   Every single one of these animals has crossed eyes, whether they appear that way or not.  The gene that causes them to have white fur also causes their optic nerves (nerves that connect the eyes to the brain) to be wired to the wrong side of the brain.  White Bengal tigers are also often born with club feet and cleft palates.  These cats are prone to defective organs and spinal deformities, and suffer from severe skull pain.

Lastly, the breeding of white tigers often results in the death of these beautiful yet deformed cats.  Many of these animals die an early death due to their many defects. Even though this could be considered sad, it is actually a good thing because they are put out of their misery.  Many cubs are still-born, or in other words, born dead. When they are born, not all of the cubs are the desired color, because the gene is so faulty.  They do have all of the defects, though.  These ones are considered useless and the breeders will kill them at birth since they aren’t the ones bringing in the money.

In conclusion, continuing to breed these animals and let them exist is cruel and unacceptable.  They live miserable lives full of pain and anguish.  This MUST be stopped. Stand up against white tiger breeding today!



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