Review for “Omega Dragon” by Bryan Davis

Bryan Davis is one of my favorite authors. I had the amazing opportunity to meet Mr. Davis in November of 2014, have read all of his books, and even had the privilege of reading his most recent work, Omega Dragon, early. omega dragonThis book wraps up the 12-book story world of Dragons in our Midst, which includes three series each with four books.

Dragons in our Midst

  • Raising Dragons
  • The Candlestone
  • Circles of Seven
  • Tears of a dragon

Oracles of Fire

  • Eye of the Oracle
  • Enoch’s Ghost
  • Last of the Nephilim
  • The Bones of Makaidos

Children of the Bard

  • Song of the Ovulum
  • From the Mouth of Elijah
  • The Seventh Door
  • Omega Dragon

I have thoroughly enjoyed all twelve of these magnificent novels and would like to thank Bryan Davis for taking me on such a wonderful journey. These books have strengthened my faith incredibly and inspired me to live it out for others to see. My life would be much different without these books, as well as the other books by this author. I just have to say, you know it’s a Bryan Davis book when your emotions are different on practically every page. I have laughed with every single one of his books, and cried with nearly all of them. His writing is so vivid, there is not one moment when I cannot picture everything in my mind.

Now onto my pre-publication review of Omega Dragon (published in the book):

Bryan Davis’s writing never ceases to amaze me. Omega Dragon was no exception. This book took me on an emotional roller coaster, as his books always do. The relationships within the story are so complex, and I, as a reader, loved watching them develop and continue to grow. The journeys that the characters of Omega Dragon go on are very intense, and keep you wanting more. The way this book ends the series was better than I could have hoped for. It does a beautiful job wrapping it up and even puts a bow on top. I loved this book and I know you will too.

(Not the review now) Not only has reading Bryan Davis’s works affected my spiritual life, but has also improved my writing. When I read things, I often pick up how things are being said and such and try to model my own writing after that.

Everyone, you must read his books. You have no idea how life changing they are. If there was one author I could recommend to anyone, it would definitely be Bryan Davis.

The Author’s Website

The Author’s Blog

Omega Dragon on

Raising Dragons the Movie

Dragons in our Midst Wiki


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