How to Make a Very Real-Looking Cast

First of all, Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Second, this is the first Tutorial Tuesday ever to appear on this blog! Third, if you don’t like feet, then this is not for you. I’m sorry the pictures are low-quality.

This cast is sort of real, but not completely. It definitely looks real. You don’t need any expensive materials, and it is fairly easy. All you have to be able to do is wrap things around your arm/leg.

To make this cast you will need:
• A knee high sock
• A sheet of white batting
• Three ace bandages.


First, cut the toe off of the sock and slip it onto your foot. If doing an arm cast, cut a slit for the thumb. This is not necessary, but it keeps the batting from irritating your skin.


Now cut the batting into strips and wrap it around the sock, making sure it is as even as possible and all gaps are filled in. Make sure your foot is at a 90° angle and keep it this way the entire time.


Next, start wrapping the first bandage around the batting, starting at the bottom.


Start the second bandage where the first one finished. When you reach the top of the batting, start wrapping back towards the bottom. Start the third bandage where the second one left off and finish the job.


Now that your cast is finished, go show it off! You will be able to walk in this, but it will keep your ankle almost completely immobile.






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