My Bible Study Supplies


When I do my devotions in the morning, I use a few items to help me. These items are:
• My devotional
• My Bible
• My prayer journal

My devotional


This devotional is a quick and easy way to connect with God in the mornings. You can get many devotion books for busy, on-the-go people.


This book has short little devotions that are easy to fit into your schedule. They are also great for people who are new to  the whole “quiet time” thing.

My Bible


Isn’t it cute? I use this Bible for Bible class, church, and personal reading. Even though it is starting to fall apart, I live using it. My parents got it for me a few Christmases ago.


I do a lot of writing and highlighting in here.

My Prayer Journal


I don’t always use this, but sometimes its nice to be able to write down your prayers. It ha s a cute cover with captions:


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