New Schedule

I have decided to try to make a sort of “schedule” to use on this blog. I’ll try it out and see what I think. Here’s my plan so far: Megan Mondays – I will be posting about stuff that I do, like I did with the New York trip and the Universal trip. This includes random things in the life of… ME! Talkative Tuesdays – This will usually be either Q and A, open chat with me, or question submission for Q and A. Remember, I have school, so time for open chat will be limited and will be done less frequently. If I come up with another idea, I will let you know. Wordless Wednesdays – Only a picture will be posted, it is a simple way to do and post, and can also be fun. Thoughtful Thursdays – I will be posting things about Christianity and such, probably from church or devotions. It could also be something I make up myself or think is important. Fortuitous Fridays – I’ll be posting random thins on Friday. Sneak peeks from my book, book reviews, poetry, quotes, ect. Pretty much anything I feel like posting. Saturday and Sunday – I won’t post over the weekend unless I really feel like it. I will spend this time preparing for the weekdays. Now, I may have a hard time keeping up, and might drop off the edge of the earth now and then, but bear with me and I will try. Make sure to follow, like, all that jazz, and I will be posting again soon! ~Megan497


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