Family Pets

Animals have always been a big part of my family. We currently have three species of pets. I say species because there are more than one in two of these species. The pets belonging to my family are: one turtle, two cats, and quite a few fish.

About my kitties. My first cat is Chester. He’s the orange and white one. My other cat is Bobbi. She’s the gray one.


Our Kitties

My cats love each other so much! They like to play together, take naps together, and clean each other. Both of our cats have interesting stories, which both began in the great outdoors.
Chester is originally from New York. We were up there visiting family one year, and their neighbor owned lots of cats. My family was drawn to the little orange and white one with the extra toes. He loved us and best of all, he tolerated the baby. We asked the owners if we could take him hone and they said yes. So, with our little kitten all drugged up, we flew all the way down to Florida. Now Chester is fat and lazy.
Bobbi has always lived in Florida. She was a stray living in our neighborhood, and followed us home while we were on a walk one night. We loved her very much and put a box on the porch for her to sleep in. Bobbi started having medical problems. After many surgeries and such, she was finally back to normal. Bobbi now lives inside and is Chester’s best friend.

Now onto the turtle. We have one turtle named Martin.



He’s pretty cute. Martin was a class pet at school that my family was going to take care of over the summer. We grew attached to him, and teacher let us keep him. We bought Martin a new tank. He now lives in the company of a little turtle statue and loves to eat!

Last but not least, the fish. I’m not quite sure how many there are. I haven’t counted in a while.


Family Fishies!

My dad installed a tank on the wall. At first we had saltwater fish but switched to freshwater because they are much less work. We used to name our fish, but we don’t anymore. We don’t want to become too attached to them because fish don’t have very long lives. There would be too much crying!

There are also pets that we (I) want but unfortunately cannot have. I really, really, REALLY want a fennec fox. I absolutely ADORE them. I’m not quite sure why.


Majestic Fennec Fox

Isn’t it beautiful?! I think it is. I think I’ll be adding pictures of them to the gallery as well.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my pets. Leave a comment about your pets! I love hearing from others! Thanks for reading!


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