Welcome to Thoughtful Thursday!

Hi, I’m Meg. I started a blog called Concerning Megan in January 2015. I wrote a variety of content, but not very consistently. I felt that my blog was being pulled in a different direction, so I decided to re-vamp it.

Welcome to Thoughtful Thursday. I post on the thurdays. But, don’t be fooled by the title. I post a variety of content, from books to makeup, not just the deep stuff. I also have two guest authors who post occasionally.

So now that you’ve got the general idea, click around! I’d recommend going to the about page first, so you can learn a little more about me before diving in. Or go straight to the posts. And, above all, make sure to click the button to your right to subscribe to Thoughtful Thursday so you get an email straight to your inbox every time I publish a post.

Thanks for stopping by!

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